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Early in the show, Aksana, Lucky Cannon, and Maxine are shown in Maxine’s office. Maxine announces that Lucky will have to defend his FCW Championship tonight against Bo Rotundo. Norman Smiley comes into the room, and tells Maxine that she has been relieved of her duties as FCW General Manager. Maxine’s replacement, is Norman Smiley.

Aksana accompanied Maxine to the ring for her match.

Before the match started, Maxine asked Aksana to take care of Ms. Florida (her opponent), to which Aksana said that she does not work for Maxine anymore since she is not the General Manager. Aksana wished her good luck before going back to the locker room.

The FCW All-Stars (Aksana, Maxine, Damien Sandow, and Lucky Cannon) came out to the ring to address the situation with “Mr. Florida”. Maxine accused Bo Rotundo of being Mr. Florida, and made a match for tonight: Mr. Florida vs Lucky Cannon. (Non-title)

During the match, Bo Rotundo was watching from the front row, and Aksana, as well as the other All-Stars, frequently argued with him.

After the match, Bo came into the ring and speared both Lucky Cannon and Damien Sandow, as well as Mr. Florida.

Divas Championship match:

Aksana vs Naomi
Winner- Aksana

Aksana was accompanied to the ring by fellow FCW All-Stars member and FCW General Manager Maxine, who, when Naomi had Aksana rolled up for the pin, pushed Aksana’s bottom over, rolling her over Naomi, getting the pin for Aksana.

Naomi realized what had happened, and attempted to attack Maxine. Therefore both Aksana and Maxine went on the attack, before former FCW Divas Champ, AJ, interfeared and saved Naomi.

Aksana and Maxine were present for the main event as well.

They accompanied Florida Heavyweight Champion Lucky Cannon and Damien Sandow (fellow FCW All-Stars), Conor O’Brian, and Mason Ryan [Team Maxine], who took on the team of Big E Langston, Leakee, Titus O’Neil, and Steve Keirn’s “Presidential Pick”, Mr. Florida. [Team FCW].

Mr. Florida eventually pinned Lucky Cannon, getting the win for his team.

We here at Aksana-Online have recently got back into watching FCW! From now on we will be posting the results involving Aksana from the FCW shows. (TV tapings, live events, etc.) Although, if they are a few days late, it is out of our control. Thanks!

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