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Matt Striker introduces the rookies… Aksana comes out first!

Striker says that the voting for the elimination starts tomorrow! (keep that in mind so you can vote our Aksana!)

Challenge- wheelbarrel challenge
Winner: Kaitlyn

Challenge: Diss The Diva
Winner- AJ

now remember, next week is the first elimination!
also, NXT will be held on WWE.com!


After the opening video, CM Punk comes out to be a commentator to replace Michael Cole after he walked out last week.

All the divas come out after him…

Vickie says that it’s her leadership skills that made Kaitlyn so good and that it’s her leadership that’ll take her to the top. Kaitlyn will fight Jamie tonight, and Vickie brought some friends to help coach her…. LayCool.

LayCool come out and tell Kaitlyn that she’s lucky to have Vickie as a pro and that she can trust them. they point out that they’re the Undisputed Divas Champions and the sole reason Kaval won NXT season 2.

LayCool insult The Bella Twins, and eventually say that Aksana ‘needs to speak English, Miss Vintage!’

Kelly Kelly stands up for the girls and challenges LayCool and Kaitlyn to match against her, Naomi, and Jamie.

They start to fight, and Matt Striker sends us to commercials telling us a challenge is up next.

Challenge- Musical Chairs
Winner- AJ

[I smiled when Josh Matthews said, “and you know who might be a future Divas Champion? Aksana!” :)

Aksana is shown backstage talking with Goldust…. Aksana says that there is a chance she might get deported! Goldust tells her not to worry and to keep working hard. They did Goldust’s breathing technique-bite thing and then the cameras cut him off.

Challenge: Talk The Talk Challenge
winner: AJ

Jamie – teeth
Naomi – toupe
AJ – caffeine
Aksana – llama
Maxine – foot
Kaitlyn – ignition

Both Jamie and Naomi were disqualified.
Aksana played dumb, saying she had no idea what a llama is.

Challenge – Diva Joke-Off

Aksana’s joke: what’s the difference between a wife and a girlfriend?
answer- about 25 pounds

(I laughed…..)

Jamie told a knock knock joke and made the crowd say ‘Aksana who?’

the winner of the joke off: Jamie

Jamie def. Aksana

Challenge – obstacle course.
obstacle course winner: Kaitlyn

I regret to inform you, during a recent match I had (yes, I’m a wrestler…locally) I broke my hand so it’s pretty impossible to type. My tag team partner, Victoria, has been kind enough to post the results/photos and this message for me. so, if I miss a show or anything please don’t expect it on a regular basis! it’s just until I’m healed. thanks guys!

xoxo, Lacey. (and Victoria!)

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